Every year, viewers, fans, and golfers fall victim to the beauty and perfection of Augusta National.

So it’s about time the course’s “natural competitors” got some spotlight.


Augusta’s natural obstacles deserve to be hyped like professional athletes.

When one of nature’s finest makes a jaw-dropping play, of course it makes the Top 10.


Fans can show support for their favorite obstacle by getting irreverent with digital posters.


The course’s most lethal obstacles will live-trash green jacket hopefuls on Twitter.

Nature's Finest Fantasy League

In the weeks leading up to Augusta, fans can “draft” the obstacles that they think raise the most ruckus.  

New Fantasy Screens (1).jpeg

Mobile Game:

You’re not legit in the sports world until you have your own video game. So we made one. About nature.

Art Director: Jelena Kolomejac