Champions don’t eat frozen breakfast food. College boys who almost have their shit together do. So let’s celebrate them.

OOH / print

To catch our dudes in their natural habitat, we'll place OOH all around the campuses of America's top party schools and print in their school newspapers. 


To encourage erratic eating, intermediate meal times will be promoted by a Twitter feed flood. “Muncheon” between 3:00-4:00 PM and “Chowhour” between 2:00-3:00 AM.

During Chowhour and Muncheon, tweets will occur every 45 seconds. Or the time it takes to microwave a Jimmy Dean Sandwich.



To help our guys fuel their fool on a late night, we'll put up Snack Stops near popular campus bars and then Airdrop the location. 

Jimmy Dean’s List

Jimmy Dean will honor the dudes that never made the Dean's List by awarding them a spot on Jimmy Dean's List. 

Just before graduation, we'll send them a graduation shawl to so they can stick it to the overachievers with a billion service cords.  


Art Director: Nik Reed